Zagreb, Radnička cesta 80

Zagrebtower, neboder s 22 kata, smješten je na uglu ulice grada Vukovara i Radničke ceste. Ovaj neboder u Zagrebu predstavlja jednu od najreprezentativnijih poslovnih zgrada, a uz njega komfor i sigurnost na brežuljku usred grada.

Zagrebtower is one of Zagreb’s most notable buildings. It is a landmark that can be seen from afar, built in the style of modern, timeless architecture of the 21st century. The tower with a total of 25,700 m2 of usable space on 22 floors and a 9-floor side-wing offers everything a company needs to motivate employees and satisfy customers: modern technology, flexible office space design, air conditioning but also windows that open, areas for coffee breaks and informal meetings (cafes, restaurant, shops in the building) on-site facility management and of course, 24 hour security. In brief, Zagrebtower is the ideal setting to boost your company to higher growth. It also offers enough space for expansion: up to the 9th floor, the offices in the tower (800 m2) can be combined with the office space of the side wing (1300 m2). This makes it possible to create a maximum office space or divided into individual offices. No other office buildings in Zagreb offer this large areas on a single floor.

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